9 Things you feel after in a Job for quite some time

Getting a job is not an easy scenario at present. Thousands of fresh engineers are waiting in queues for their Offer letters, many engineers don’t have a Job, but the ones who have a Job already feel good about it ?

Working at an MNC, working for a software firm, working for a public sector enterprise, or any other Job – People always have certain issues. These issues tend to depress the person more and more as his career in the same firm progresses. Let us see what are the probable causes for this depression!

1. Disappointment : Everyone has certain aspirations in life, but only selected few are blessed with living it. The remaining are supposed to live  with the disappointment.

2. Monotonous Life: Everyone of us will face this issue within a few years, if not months after joining a Job. Since we have had a variety of people to interact with in college, workplace which offers the same persons and the same environment to deal with will start appearing to be monotonous.

3. Lack of Job Satisfaction: Well to say this is another kind of disappointment. Learning a subject for four years and a work that is not in anyway related will bring not only disappointment but lack of satisfaction in your job. Another thing that leads to lack of Job Satisfaction is due to lack of a good work ethics or a good working culture. Many Indians are compelled to work for a Job for which they are overqualified.

4. Feeling  “I Haven’t achieved what i wanted ” : Not all of us will have this feel because everyone has different ambitions about what they want to achieve. This one feeling is quite complicated. For some this feel can motivate them and help in progress of their career. For some it leads to despair and destruction of self confidence.

5. Loneliness: Till college, we had friends wherever we go whatever we do. But once you get into a professional organisation, you are forced to become competitive. You have to compete with your friends, your enemies, your well wishers or whomsoever that appear as  a challenge/obstacle in the path of your career. This will ruin many friendship ending up in loneliness. I may seem to over exaggerate this particular point but this happens in many individual’s lives.

6. What are we working for : Once we are into a job, we are given the false notion that we should work for appraisals and increments and promotions. But will these lead to anything significant in our career. will it bring any real sense of satisfaction.  Because of  this notions We fail to remember that we should work for ourselves, not for our bosses.

7. We start to miss a guide/mentor: All our academic life had a mentor/guide/teacher who will encourage in one way or the other to keep us motivated. But we seem to be missing them after into a job. Lack of motivation can hit our work life really hard.

8. Changing your principles for a Job: This feeling could be felt by everyone who has a Job in Software firms. Working late nights, going for parties we don’t wish to go, spending money on things which we will rarely/never use just and many more.

9. Parental Pressure: We often feel that our parents are the ones who make our decisions. Whether it be building a house or buying a car/bike. Because of these issues many of us fail to make decisions, fail to learn things in important situations in our life.

I don’t intend to give any solutions, neither I have any solutions for these problems faced after Joining a Job. Like Shakespeare said ” World is a stage and we are all actors in it” I just want to say perform your part well, if else try to act but don’t over act in any situations in Life.The stage is still set. Live your life the way you want it to be.

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To begin with Let me introduce you the main characters in this real life plot

Character 1- Professor

Character 2- Santhosh (Ya its me)

Character 3- Muthukumar @ Muthu

Character 4- Ganesh Kumar ( Popularly Known as Ganesh Jinglies in FB 😛 )

Character 5- Shanmuganathan @ Shanmu

Character 6- Moheshwar @ Mohe

Character 7- Subramanian @ Subru

Character 8- Murugesan ( Ardent Vijay Fan 😉 )

Character 9- Thamodhiran

It was those fun filled days at the beginning of Semester. The techincal breeze of Kurukshetra and Cultural Storm of Techofes just passed by. After having a hectic schedule in 3rd semester, 4th semster allowed to breath. Lot of free hours made us enjoy the semester more. We had 6 theory classes. Five of’em were as usual like any other subjects as they were taken by Professors who really do not care neither about subjects nor about students 😛 One subject was different as it was taken by a professor who really cared about the two aspects mentioned. I’m going to tell you how things messed up with that one professor 😛

Neither I’m going to tell the subject’s name nor the professor’s name as it may reveat back at me 😉 The professor was one among the most punctual professors of college.Waking up and going to his classes in time is itself a herculean task.But he taught differently. That was one interesting prospect.

It was one of his Classes in which he called students to explain a program or sing or song.The latter was obvious choice for many including me. Murugesan’s turn was awaiting. Murugesan is a ardent fan of Vijay. WATCHES ALL THE RETRO movies of Vijay with such a passion. He chose to sing a song .Song was from the movie “YOUTH”. The song was “Santhosham,santhosham vaalkaiyil padhi balam…”. He began singing with such a pleasant voice and with such passion.

Mohe, myself and Ganesh were seated in the last bench (Bench was in the middle column) and i was seated in the middle starting with mohe from my left.I wasn’t to able to find a reason but i preferred back benches more. Shanmu,Muthu,Thamodhiran,SelvaKumar were preceeding us.

The mystery started.While the song was being sung, suddenly a WHISTLE came from no where. Everyone of us were shocked.Professor was no exception. He was angry too. He is one of kind who has friendly relations with students but expects them to be disciplined and obedient. Class struck in terrible silence. Professor started shouting like anything. He demanded the person who whistled to surrender immediately and apologize. If so, he’ll leave him.To our surprise no one stood for first few minutes.

Professor was not going to leave this issue.He was suspecting the last two benches in the middle row (It was US!!!!)and as a punishment he sent the backbenchers out of class.Thamodiran was venting his anger that no one is pleading guilty. He wanted this issue to resolve so he went inside and said “Sir,I whistled”. (It appeared to me ?? Why the hell does he accept a crime which he hasn’t done??? ) Professor then told us to come in. While coming in Selvakumar went to the professor and spitted the truth that Thamodiran dint whistle and added he accepted because he wanted the issue to resolve.Professor was more irritated by this fact and threatened to take this matter to H.O.D if no one pleads guilty. He gave us a week time.

Assessments @ Internals started in two days and no one really cared about this issue.The subject taken by professor came.On the day of exam, After his exam got over he handed over a questionnaire to find out the suspect for whistling. (I was thinking, why is this professor doing this much to find out the guilty)

The questionnaire consisted of the following questions


2)Father’s name and address plus route plus land line number

3)My mobile number

4)Whom do u think whistled

5)Did u whistle

6)Direction from which whistle sound came from

My answer for the fourth question made me the main CULPRIT. I was one of those guys who is stupid as stupid does and yet consider themselves to be unique and different (Absolute SHIT kinda thinking la 😛 I know ). I answered “NO ONE”. After proudly returning my answer sheet for the questionnaire,days went usual. WAVES our department Symposium was in for due. Works were going on.

On one fine Sunday,I was in one Senior’s room for doing some work for WAVES. It was 3 in the noon. Gotta call from an unknown number.I answered, It was Professor.He said “You are the one who whistled,COME TO MY ROOM IN 15 MINS”. What what what what the hell!!!!!! Nerves jangled, teeth trembled, hands shivered,tears rolled down the eyes,started sweating heavily. I didn’t know what to do. Immediately i called up Ganesh (The worst decision i took in a Sense of urgency ). Professor answered “Dont forget your ID card” He said and hung up. Went to my room in a hurry. Kept my cellphone in my bag (The best decision i took in a sense of urgency ).

Entered his room. Nothing big surprise. As i expected, Muthu, Ganesh, Shanmu were there already.Mohe was yet to arrive. Subru (The One who really rescues us in Finance came to rescue us from this bad situation this time ) was also there. Everyone were questioned individually. In fact questions were having sole purpose of pleading guilty 😛 Telling the truth was useless. I WAS THE MAIN CULPRIT BASED ON MY FANTA-FABULOUS ANSWERS AND THE Directions given by everyone. What an irony!!! The one WHO DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO WHISTLE and the ONE WHO DOESN’T HAVE GUTS to face even the RESIDENT COUNSELOR 😛 is made THE MAIN CULPRIT.It was a tragic day. Professor took our id cards and mobile phones. Thank god my mobile escaped. We waited outside his room for the next six hours. At 8.30 pm in night one last time we approached him. He was not moved by our tears. He made a call to our HOD. He made me speak. I was mad. I dint know what what to speak. Blabbered something with tears rolling continuously.

Apparently this was the moment that united our class like anything. EVERYONE from our class signed and wrote a letter to the H.O.D stating that we five of us dint whistle and if we are five are to be punished for whistling, punish the whole class instead. The enquiry went on.No decision was made. Professor was very angry with me and others too. But he was very diplomatic.That issue dint play a spoilsport in marks. Days went on.Professor’s anger reduced. I went on to talk to him more casually. And STILL I’M PLEADING NOT!!! to be GUILTY. STILL NO ONE FOUND WHO WHISTLED. 🙂

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